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Tweak & Eat FAQ's

How does Tweak & Eat work?

This is explained in a youtube video: clickhere

How is Tweak & Eat Different?

Tweak & Eat is different in several ways. Tweak & Eat gives this 'tweak' (advice) just before you eat so you actually take action, rather than after-the-fact, when you can only try to digest what you ate. No drastic changes to your diet, only 'tweaks' to what you normally eat; no counting, no need to recall what you ate, no data entry, no tracking… we do all the work. Very little work on your part - just upload a photo of the meal you're about to eat and we'll tell you how to eat the meal to help you reach your health goals. Plus, we'll use the 'teachable moment' of the current meal to give you tips on future meals.

What do I do after Downloading?

Install and Complete your Registration by entering your information in the screens that follow. This is explained in a youtube video: clickhere

What are the Features in the Home Screen?

Several features are in the Base service: Check This Out, News about Tweak & Eat, My EDR, Recipe Wall, Tweak Wall, My Fitness, My Tweak Streak, Tweak & Eat Club, Settings.
This is explained in a youtube video: clickhere

What is My EDR?

Your Meal & Tweak Journal showing a history of your meals & tweaks This is explained in a youtube video: clickhere

What is the Recipe Wall?

View Healthy Recipes, View by Country. Prepared by our certified Nutritionists

What is the Tweak Wall?

Share your Tweaks, View others' Tweaks, 'Awesome' Tweaks.
This is explained in a youtube video: clickhere

What is My Fitness?

Import your Fitbit data, Record your weight, view Trends

What is My Tweak Streak?

Maintain Tweak Streak and Win Prizes This is explained in a youtube video: clickhere

What is under Settings?

My Ideal Plate, My Profile, Tweak Reminders, App Info, Videos

How do I set Reminders?

This is explained in a youtube video:clickhere

What Services are offered?

Tweak & Eat Base Service is free of charge and includes unlimited tweaks to meals and drinks.

How do I buy Premium Services?

Premium Services are available for nominal charges and you can subscribe by selecting the 'Go Premium Now' button on the home screen. Some additional information and your credit card data will be required.

What do I get with Tweak & Eat Club?

You can see a list of features by selecting the 'Tweak & Eat Club' button on the home screen. Tweak & Eat Club has all the features of the free Base Service, plus: access to assigned nutritionist team via chat and VoIP call, Tweaks from your assigned team, proactively personalized diet plans (including detox plans) based on recent eating patterns, unlimited meal macro-nutrition labels, monitoring of your trends and related recommendations/tips from nutritionists.

How do I Update Tweak & Eat?

Tweak & Eat works like any other app - you can click on the 'Update' button in the App Store or Google Play and it will automatically update the app.

Why am I not getting reminders?

You can receive reminders from the APP only incase if you have enabled them. In the Section Settings, under BELL icon you can find Reminder set up Timings. You can set Reminders for any or all of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Timings. Toggle the buttons to the right of each of the options to enable or disable them. And use CHANGE button to set the time for Reminders.

How do I ask a Technical question?

By emailing us to ''

How do I report an issue?

By emailing us to ''

How do I send in a suggestion?

By emailing us to ''

How do I hook up my Fitbit to the app?

Just click on 'My Fitness' on the App's main page. Click on 'Fitbit' and follow the simple instructions.

How do I make changes to my profile?

You can change your profile any time. Go to 'Settings', select the profile tab, make changes and select the 'Update' button.

Can I change my phone number?

No. If your mobile phone number is changed, you have to re-register, since all our data and interventions are tied to your mobile number.

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